Vision and Mission

Radio is a powerful medium of communication-influencing and transforming societies, reaching beyond boarders and penetrating unchartered territories. Radio programs that often carry music, news and current events, ideas, messages and opinions- in one way or another inadvertently influence the character and perspective of the listeners. Sadly, most of the radio stations today focus on programs that satisfy the worldly cravings of humanity while starving the soul which leads to emptiness and lack if not a complete loss of purpose amongst people in the society. It is then a pressing need to redeem and revive our society by feeding the very soul of our people, that is, by bringing Jesus to the airwaves!

In the same manner that the Philippine national fruit, mango, is a common and familiar staple in every Filipino household, it is our ardent hope to become present, available and accessible to all people from all walks of life, throughout the Philippines. It is our desire to communicate the love of God to each and every individual listener hoping to feed his soul and help him find his purpose and therefore change one person, one society, one city at a time.

Mango Radio
2008 - 2018

To let people listen to His Love, the most amazing Love Story of God,

Jesus Christ.

Let us hear your story

Good morning Mango Radio! May the Lord God continue to bless your ministry-of sharing the good news of salvation in the airwaves. My husband and I are avid listeners of your station. We love to listen to Christian worship songs, spiritual encouragement, biblical truths and salvation through Jesus Christ alone. Your program had been a part of my journey few months back when I was undergoing chemotherapy and radiation to treat my cancer. God has an amazing ways of caring and loving His children. In those [dark and sad] days Jesus was comforting me through your songs, words of encouragements and biblical truths. Thank you Mango Radio… continue to inspire and uplift more people… continue to share the good news of salvation… continue to reveal Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior… all by God’s grace.

Gwen Abellera

Monday, 19 Mar 2018

Merry Christmas to all..let us make Jesus the center of our hearts, our life, our familym our relationship, our church in our everything. God bless mango radio and more power in sharing the LOVE of GOD. to God be the glory!

Emmanuel Calisang

Friday, 15 Dec 2017