There are still millions of people in Mindanao who haven't heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. One of the most effective ways to reach them is through the airwaves because it transcends physical boundaries.

In doing this ministry we need your support and prayers, you who have heard the Gospel first.You too would not have heard it without someone delivering it to you.

So do help us to broadcast this beautiful news until the last one lost soul can hear it.

We use the airwaves for the Lord's Great Commission!

As followers of Jesus Christ, we use the airwaves to COMMUNICATE THE LOVE OF GOD, especially in Mindanao. With inspiring, uplifting and encouraging Christian music and powerful messages, we reach people with the Gospel where traditional missionaries can't.

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Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!

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Live Right – Start Today with a Prayer

By: Kristine Te Eng Fo

For the most part of our lives, we’ve been to schools. Our all-too-familiar cramming, tests and exams makes up for the summary of our ‘miserable’ lives as students. And as long as there are math class in schools, be assured that prayers are in abundance. Prayer is like breathing. You are never taught to breathe […]


Will My Vote Still Matter?

By: Kristine Te Eng Fo

We’re fast approaching the next elections and I’m pretty sure that we also have our set of favorites. Asking a cliché question such as “will my vote still matter” may seem like a ripped off topic told time and again, I think that’s it’s worth pounding over again as we are entering a new cycle […]

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